GAOMON Monitor displays wallpaper of computer only; Cursor is moving on computer. ---All Pen Display

When GAOMON drawing monitors only display the background of your computer monitor but without any software, that means you are under extend mode right now. And meanwhile if the cursor is moving on computer monitor instead of on GAOMON tablet monitor, that means you are setting the computer monitor as work area under extended mode. So the cursor moves on computer monitor only.


If extended mode is complicated for you, we recommend you use in Duplicate/Mirror mode. The GAOMON monitor will display exact the same with your computer monitor.

Duplicate Mode in Windows OS:

Press keyboard combination---windows + p(---then choose Duplicate

Duplicate mode in macOS

System Preference-----Displays-----Arrangement---- Mirror Displays


If you still prefer to use Extend mode, 

1. Set in “Extended” mode first.

2. Open GAOMON driver panel---work area---You will see options: Display1/Display2/All Displays. ---choose GAOMON Drawing Monitor as work area. It is usually the ''Display 2''.

3. Now you can open an art program on your computer. Then use the mouse to drag it from computer monitor to your GAOMON drawing monitor. Now you can draw on GAOMON drawing monitor, and the computer monitor can display separately. That is how extended mode works.