Apply Screen Protector on the Display of PD1560?

We recommend you to read through this post before applying the screen protector.

Please note that there are three layers for one piece of protector package. The middle layer is the screen protector that will apply to the screen. The other two outer layers, labeled with film 1 and film 2, are protective of the middle and will end their lives after applying the insider layer to PD1560.

three layers in one screen protector


Now let's go to apply the protector.

1) Find a low-dust workspace. Dust is the important aspect that makes air bubbles after applying the screen protector.

2) Wash your hands and dry them with a clean, lint-free towel.

3) Please notice there is a screen film on PD1560 when you receive PD1560. Peel that film!

4) Please note the screen of PD1560 has two rectangular angles and two curved ones. These angles are marked as red in below picture.

The screen protector is the same large and has the same shape as the screen. It should be applied along with the red lines.

5) Use a microfiber,  lint-free cloth, such as glass cloth, to clean the screen. Once cleaning it, taking your time to apply the new screen protector to PD1560 in case dust falls on it again.

Clean the screen with a lint-free cloth (2)


6) Pick one of the rectangular angles of the screen protector, and then peel back one of the rectangular angle of the film 1 layer about 5~8 cm. Leave film 2 and the middle layer remaining together, which you can treat them as one layer during applying.


7) Apply the rectangular angle of the exposed side of the middle layer, which is attached with the film 2, to one of the rectangular angles of PD1560, leaving the interior side of film 1 facing the screen. And then align the edges of the middle and film 2 with the edges of the screen.

Peel back an angle about 5~8 cm


a. Don't touch the screen and the middle layer (screen protector).

b. There are two films remaining on the screen. The middle layer  (screen protector) and the film 2.


8) Put the edge of a credit card, or something like it, on the back of film 2. One hand slowly pushes the credit card toward the film 1 direction while the other slowly pulls the film 1 to tear off it from the middle layer and film 2.

Put the edge of a credit card on the back of film 2. (2)


9) Use the edge of the card or fingers to gently push the air bubbles toward the nearest edge.

Use fingers to push the air bubble


10) Peel off the film 2 from the middle layer (screen protector).

Peel off the film 2 from the protector


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