Digital Graphics Tablet S620 for Android Phone - GAOMON
    GAOMON S620 tablet is designed for game players who desire to reduce the distance of arm movement and increase the speed of cursor responsive and accuracy, for artistic beginners and enthusiasts who begin their creative practice on paper and desire to mas
    8192 Levels
    Your inspiration ripples right from here.
    Always strive to help you achieve more
    To draw without restriction.
    Application of passive electromagnetic resonance technology that combined with 10mm sensing height not just frees the digital pen from wire connection, and thus ensures users more flexible drawing conditions, but also improves the working efficiency.
    • Battery-free
    • Environment-friendly
    Detail captured, delicacy unfolded.
    5080LPI pen resolution brings users clear presentation of different pen traces. ±0.3mm accuracy further ensures the quality of pen trace capturing.
    Your drawing technique shall never be compromised in presentation.
    8192 levels of pressure sensitivity plus 266PPS report rate enables vivid and instant presentation of lines input, realizing lines to be rendered into various shapes according to pressure applied.
    Innovation for
    higher efficiency
    Press and access.
    4 programmable express keys not just help to improve the work efficiency, but also support key combination for access to more functions.
    Your tablet communicates.
    6.5*4 inches working area plus a LED light created for tablet status indication enables user to spot any problems as s/he is drawing.
    Everything is designed to facilitate your operation.
    4 anti-slip rubber are created to ensure the stability of the tablet, while a micro USB port is available for connection to your desktop or PC.
    Not just compatible,
    but also international
    User-friendly compatibility.
    S620 is compatible with both macOS and Windows, supporting various mainstream drawing and designing software.
    Quality Guaranteed.
    Pen tablet S620 is qualified for CE, FCC, KC, ICES and PSE international marking, with relevant certificates issued.
    Tech Spec.
    • Working Area
    • 8192 Levels
    • Pen Sensing Height
    • 5080LPI
    • 266PPS
    Pen Technology
    Passive Electromagnetic Resonance
    Press Key
    4 Express Keys
    Working Area
    165.1x 101.6 mm /6.5*4 inch
    Pressure Sensitivity
    8192 Levels
    Pen Resolution
    5080 LPI
    Sensing Height
    Report Rate
    Signal Output
    Micro USB
    Digital Pen
    Artpaint AP32
    OS Compatibility
    Win 7 and macOS 10.12 or above
    What’s in the box?
    Pen Tablet S620, Digital Pen, Micro USB
    Wire, Pen Nibs*8, Quick Start Guide
    GAOMON Windows Driver_v14.7.105.346
    GAOMON macOS Driver_v14.3.11.190327(beta)
    User Manual _S620